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 is situated right in central Myanmar and the last capital of Myanmar Kingdom. The Mandalay Palace boasts finely built palace walls and a beautiful moat surrounding this fortress. Mandalay is still maintaining various kinds of Myanmar tradition today.

Palaces to visit around city are old Royal Palace, the last palace of Myanmar Kingdom, Mandalay hill, Panoramic View of city, Kuthodaw Pagoda, well known as the world largest book since Buddhist scripture had been inscribed on 1774. Marble Slabs, Shwenandaw Monastery, a wonderful wood carving decorated building and antique materials preserved inside it. The Mahar Myat Muni Buddha Image is the most revered Buddha image in Mandalay. The place every visitor shouldn't miss is Mahamuni Buddha Image. 

Mandalay has a semi-tropical climate. Winter(which is dry and cold) lasts from November to February, and summer lasts from March to May. Because Mandalay is in the central dry zone, it receives far less rain than the more tropical south.

Area: 45.7 mi2
Population : 1.225 million (2014)

  • mandalayhotel Mandalay Royal Palace
  • mandalayhotel U Bein Teak Bridge
  • mandalayhotel Mandalay Hill
  • mandalayhotel Sandamuni Pagoda
  • mandalayhotel Mandalay Hill
  • mandalayhotel Shwe Nan Taw Monestry

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